Sunday, December 23, 2012

Updates 12/23/12

Hello everyone.

Some big news is hitting today about Occupy, and I don't think any of it is that great.

-- Occupy Sandy is dealing with a heart-wrenching event as a fire roared through one of the churches where their supplies have been stored. It is unclear as of yet how bad the damage is, but the fire did take several hours to knock down. Many of the volunteers are worried about the holiday gifts they wrapped just yesterday for survivors.

-- The FBI has recently released documents in which they admit to spying on multiple factions of Occupy, having surveillance as far north as Anchorage. They were apparently looking at Occupy as a possible "terrorism" threat. While this probably isn't big news to most of us, what's next may be. Apparently the documents also show that the FBI was aware of at least one plot to attack and assassinate the "leaders" of Occupy, yet do not reveal if anything was or would have been done about it.

-- [Chuck] Are you still confused about the NDAA and why it is not good for our country? If so, head over here to watch a video in which it's explained in 5 minutes.

-- [Chuck] Lastly today, we have some good wishes. Merry Christmas to everyone from Chuck! 


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