Monday, December 17, 2012

Updates 12/17/12

Hello everyone. 

Anyone else noticing how weird the weather is lately? I got up earlier and it looked normal outside... Now that it's the afternoon, there is a massive amount of fog outside. So crazy.

-- Anonymous is unhappy with the Westboro Baptist Church again, and they are poised to attack if the so-called "church" follows through with their plans to picket the funerals of the Connecticut elementary school shooting victims. (I'm all for free speech, but you need to take responsibility for it as well. If your "speech" intentionally causes undue stress and harm to people who are already in a distressed state of mind, they should be allowed to sue the hell out of you. And with the WBC, there's certainly a lot of hell to be sued.)

-- [Chuck] Several countries have made the pledge to go with all renewable energy by a certain date, but the US isn't one of them. Here's a petition demanding that Congress expedite the transition to renewable energy.

-- Occupiers are back in court in Atlanta, continuing the trial of many who were arrested back in 2011 for being in the park after the 11 p.m. closing time. Over 50 defendants are in the case, and now they are upset that the judge has banned all cameras from the proceedings.

-- A conflict of interest is a bit of an understatement to use when discussing the little known program from the NYPD called the Paid Detail Unit. This Unit allows banks to hire on police officers, not as outside security officers, but as police who work through both the city and the bank. When protesters come to the bank, what does the police officer do? Protect the citizens' rights or the bank's interests? I think we know the answer.


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