Friday, December 21, 2012

Updates 12/21/12

Happy apocalypse everyone. Ha ha ha.

I know that joke has gotten old, even though it's not been going that long. Possibly because we already knew these jokes were coming. 

Anyway, Chuck sent in a ton of links today, and I have a migraine, so we're going to run with what Chuck has for us.

-- [Chuck] A moment of silence was held today across the nation in honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. The President tweeted about the victims and honoring their memories, and flags across the states were lowered to half staff. The first link here discusses the moment of silence, while the second is a tribute video.

-- [Chuck] Julian Assange is still inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and he has given a Christmastime address from the balcony of the assembly. He has been granted political asylum in Ecuador, but has been locked down in the Embassy.

-- [Chuck] Reverend Billy is the Colbert of Ministry, playing with humor in order to reveal the truth. What truth? The truth about commercialization, consumerism, and why you shouldn't have to buy to be giving.

-- [Chuck] A state Representative is finally speaking out against our highly unregulated food industry, calling for a third party investigation and regulation of the processes.

-- [Chuck] What do the forests mean? How does consumerism blind us to the worth? This article is a really great read about what leaving consumerism can do, and why it is important to all of us.


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