Saturday, December 29, 2012

Updates 12/29/12

Hello everyone.

I'm even later than usual today, aren't I? My sleep issues are getting worse.

-- It's becoming more and more obvious that the FBI knew about a major threat to the safety of Occupiers, but did nothing about it. This terror plot against Occupy was sophisticated and frightening in its wording. 

-- The woman who was gang-raped in New Delhi, India, passed away yesterday, leaving the country rocked and bereaved, and protesters continually clashing with police. India has long had a tradition of victim-blaming in cases of rape, with some police stations even refusing to take statements from them and openly mocking them. 

-- [Chuck] In China, some events have been occurring that are simply appalling. This petition calls for the White House to thoroughly examine the practice of organ harvesting from illegal prisoners, a practice that has been gaining in popularity.

-- Dozens hit the streets in Georgia yesterday to protest the police shooting of an unarmed man. Apparently police originally said they were serving a warrant, but later admitted that they were actually on a service call when they shot the unarmed man three times in the chest.


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