Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Updates 12/19/12

Hello everyone.

In an attempt to radically break out of the weird insomniac/illness slump that I have been in, I decided that I wouldn't sleep last night. I'll be "starting fresh" tonight when I hit the hay around 9 tonight. I feel that is a pretty reasonable hour. Also, it's supposed to storm pretty bad here... They said we may end up with a few December tornadoes. I hope not. Those are terrible. 

Also, I thought this was funny, and wanted to share. They are going to be cutting power to our entire apartment complex to replace a transformer, so it will be out for several hours. While that isn't usually funny, I find it hilarious that they are performing this move on the 21st, meaning that anyone who didn't get the notice (which they ever so nicely not only hung by our mailboxes, but also taped to everyone's door) may end up genuinely freaking out about an "apocalypse." *giggle*


-- The city of Los Angeles has finally tallied up the costs of Occupy, and determined that the L.A. offshoot of the movement cost the city roughly four million dollars. This includes the massive amounts of overtime spent on the police force and other officials, as well as clean up and "construction" costs. (What on Earth did they have to build?)

-- The squatters Occupying a library in North London are happy with the outcomes of a court case that will have them evicted. While the judge ordered them to leave the premises, he recognized their right to protest and stayed the eviction by six weeks. The Occupying squatters were running the closed branch as a community library to highlight the need for such services, and their efforts were supported by members of the community.

-- [Chuck] Austerity cuts are coming to the US, unless we fight back to stop them. Tell the President (and Congress, and anyone who will listen and do something) that it is unacceptable to cut Social Security. Here's a petition demanding that the program NOT be cut.

-- Some are saying that 2013 is going to be a big year for laborers and unions, but they aren't giving any reasons why. That changes now, with this article from Truth-Out. Check out the "Five Signs 2013 Could Be a Great Year for Labor Organizing."


Thanks for sticking with me, all of you. Everyone who reads, shares, discusses, or even sneers. Just the fact that I'm still doing this over a year later surprises me, but not much about all you protesters out there does. You are strong, brilliant people, and your voices should be heard, and heard well.

Kitty --

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