Sunday, December 30, 2012

Updates 12/30/12

Hello everyone.

There's snow on the ground, a new neighbor moving in with a really yappy dog, and my paycheck was delayed for some reason. Hopefully this isn't a show of what next year will be like.

-- Occupy Steubenville hit the streets in protest while working with Anonymous to call on the school and school board to take responsibility and action against those who perpetrated and perpetuated the rape of an intoxicated (to the point of incapacitation) 16 year old girl by some of the school's star football players. 

-- The lawyer attempting to sue the state and other entities for $100 million dollars after the Sandy Hook shooting has turned out to be the official attorney for Occupy New Haven. (Occupiers, you may want to find a new lawyer.)

-- Here's a great take from Naomi Wolf and Countercurrents on how the recent FBI documents expose the state of our nation, and why they should mean much more to the average Joe than they do.

-- [Chuck] Our national deficit is ridiculous, and this petition wants to do something about it. Sign here to demand that congresspeople and Senators only receive $75,000 in pay for three years to hep fix it.

-- [Chuck] From Ralph Nader, here are "17 Solutions for a Better America in 2013."

-- [Chuck] What has been happening with Native communities since Human Rights Day? Well, the Idle No more movement has been gaining momentum and moving toward action.


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