Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Updates 12/12/12

Hello everyone.

It's a strange date, isn't it? 12/12/12. All my friends on Facebook are going nutty about what they are going to be doing at 12:12 on 12/12/12. I think they're a bit on the silly side, to be honest. 

 -- [Chuck] Ever wonder why oil is such a big deal? Well, here is a partial list of items created from petroleum, not counting gasoline. Take a look.

-- [Chuck] Construction work on a part of the Keystone XL Pipeline in Texas has been halted by a judge. The plaintiff in the case is a retired US Marine, who says he isn't afraid of the company, and that they lied to the people about what they are doing.

-- [Chuck] Is our climate changing? It's pretty obvious now that the answer is yes, but some people still refuse the evidence. Here are some stories of what people had to face due to climate change. Some of them are heartbreaking.

-- The AP is finally admitting that the term "Right to Work" isn't exactly accurate, but their methods are a bit misleading themselves. Check out this journalist's story on the "5 Things to Know about the Michigan Right to Work Bills" to see for yourself what's going on.

-- [Chuck] Speaking of Michigan, the protesters against the "Right to Work" laws aren't going away anytime soon, and even the President agrees with them. Here's a story about the fight, and a photo of the protest in action.

-- Occupiers in New Zealand had a surprise last week when, for the first time, violence arose out of a protest, leading the media to vilify them. It turns out that there was more to the story than met the eye. A leak has sprung that says that the New Zealand police were bragging about setting off the violence when a police officer broke ranks and ran into the crowd. 

-- Another journalist is suing the LAPD for their actions during an Occupy protest last year after he was brutally manhandled by police, who claimed he was "drunk and disorderly." Eyewitness accounts and video show that the journalist has just displayed his credentials to police and was acting as a member of the media when he was taken down.

-- [Chuck] Audio surveillance is one thing most people don't worry about too often, but it may be coming to a bus near you. Yes, public buses are being secretly installed with hidden microphones to pick up on any plans you may have, and record and store public conversations. 


I was just thinking.. With all the terror the government is racking us with at home, isn't it time we bring the "War on Terror" to our own shores? I'm pretty terrified of the government, and that's their intention... That's called terrorism. 



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