Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updates 12/6/12

Hello everyone.

Almost done with the semester. I have one more class today, and a 30 page paper left to write. Yikes.

-- A California professor apparently has things all figured out. The Chapman University teacher/conservative activist has declared that the reason Californians have gone on a gun buying spree lately is all due to President Obama and Occupy Wall Street. His rationale is laughable at best, but his opinions were published in the school paper with no rebuttals. Someone believes him.

-- [Chuck] Wondering how to explain to others why Occupy is and needs to be? Here's a great little list of ten films that offer those explanations.

-- [Chuck] The fiscal cliff is approaching! (Sorry, I still don't buy it.) Anyway, if you have ever wondered if our money could be better spent, here's an infographic that says, "Why yes, it could be."

-- One of the officers involved with the November 2011 beating of an Army veteran has retired, but two more have become quite notable for their involvement. One of them is a high-ranking member of the union, and the other has been involved in at least four shootings, some fatal.


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