Friday, December 7, 2012

Updates 12/7/12

Hello everyone.

I'm working on this last paper today like a madman. My response to pretty much everything is "Don't bother me right now; I'm writing."

-- In Qatar, Arab youths held a silent unregistered protest about their concerns over climate change, and the results were horrifying. At least two of the young people, considered to be the leaders of the protest, have been deported from the country.

-- [Chuck] A Wall Street Bank is laying off over 11,000 workers in order to trim expenses. The news of the layoffs come directly after Citigroup gave its two former executives 14 million dollars after they were fired for poor management. 

-- Oakland has temporarily given up control of their police force to a court-ordered compliance director. The change comes from the civil rights case against the force alleged that police used excessive force, planted drugs on suspects, and filed false reports. A new assessment will be done in the spring to determine if the changes have been enough to prevent a federal takeover.

-- [Chuck] A new plan has come to light that offers America the chance to use "half the oil" that our country is using now. It's quite interesting.

-- [Chuck] Lastly, here is a video, a call to arms of sorts, for the Mexican Art Community. #WeAreAllPrisoners resonates strongly.


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