Sunday, January 1, 2012

Updates 1/1/12

Hello everyone.

It's my first post of the New Year, but nothing feels much different. Aside from being startled awake last night by someone attempting to burglarize my neighbor's home by kicking the door in, anyway. Then kept awake by police wandering around with flashlights at 3 a.m. Fun times. Happy New Year.

The news is fairly short today, as most of the CorpMedia is focused on New Year festivities and the like. Also, because my cat is eating my shoe since I have run out of food and need to go get more.

On to the news:

-- 18 Occupiers were arrested on Saturday as they protested outside the Republican campaign headquarters in Iowa. The 16 adults and 2 juveniles were charged with trespassing, while Bachmann was said to have laughed off the protest, saying protesters are the "president's re-election advance team."

-- Occupy Winston-Salem is getting ready to hand a petition to the city. They feel their rights to freedom of speech and assembly are disappearing, and are asking the city to change ordinances so they would be allowed to gather. Walkupy members are also helping out in the city, as they arrived Friday in their march from Washington to Atlanta.

-- President Obama signed the NDAA into law yesterday, despite concerns he says he has with it. One of the changes pushed through is the apparent removal of the ability to detain US citizens without trial. In a statement, the President said, "My administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break our most important traditions and values as a nation."

The big news for today is:

-- Occupy Wall Street stormed Zucotti Park last night, taking advantage of the lesser police force due to New Year's celebrations elsewhere in the city. Around midnight, hundreds of police arrived at the park, with pepper spray being widely used. One officer was apparently stabbed in the hand with scissors, leading to the hospitalization of the officer and the arrest of the attacker. Around 1:30 a.m., police entered the park, with around 150 protesters inside. They pushed protesters out of the park, and arrested a small number of people. A police officer repeatedly shoved a credentialed news cameraman trying to gain shots of the action in the park. A short time later, protesters began marching down the sidewalks, and police began to surround and arrest groups of marchers. While many news outlets say they cannot tally the arrest numbers, Fox News is saying that at least 68 people were detained.

My (colorful) rant:

I just love how the Corporate Media makes it sound so terrible. "Occupiers took advantage of police!" "Occupy Wall Street uses dirty tactics to get the park back, by waiting until police were busy elsewhere!" Ummm.... What the HELL do you think they do to Occupiers?! No one waits until 3 a.m. to raid a damned park unless they are using those same "dirty tactics!" They aren't waiting for permission, or for some commander to say "It's go time." No. They are waiting for people to think they have won, and go home, so they have the least amount of people to shove around and bully. Yes, I am aware that this is a much used tactic to save on police forces and potential problems. My concern is not that they use it, because if I were dealing with what I believed was a potentially riotous situation (even though we know otherwise), I would probably use it too. We all would. The point is that these bastardly news channels can't keep their damned biases out of my face, your face, everyone's faces. The worst part is the people that BELIEVE this crap! I hate to say it, but the people I've seen the worst from are Fox News viewers. Not that people who watch MSNBC or CNN or CBS don't do it, because damn right they do. But some of the Fox viewers I know would rather die than admit their pundit has a bias *gasp* or may be wrong *clutches chest, has heart attack*. Seriously people. Stop letting the damn news pundits tell you HOW to look at something. You can listen to them, and hear their opinions, but maybe you should do a little bit of fact checking before you run off spouting absolute bullshit like it's fact. This goes for politics too. Ron Paul people, I'm looking at you. FACT CHECK.

I may be back later with a post about what the new year means for me, and what it may mean for all of us. Or I may not. I don't know. I'm irritable. People shouldn't try to break into other people's homes, especially not at 3 in the morning. Guys trying to kick in my neighbor's door, go jump in a lake.

Sorry. <3


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