Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates 1/12/12

Hello everyone.

I had planned on reporting the news earlier today, but my computer had other plans. I'm now starting out with a freshly wiped hard drive, so wish me luck with keeping it unharmed

Here's the news for today:

-- Yesterday, I reported on a group of squatters that had been evicted from a renovated house. Police had said that these people said they were part of Occupy, but that they did not believe they were affiliated. Well, today the Corporate Media has made that decision for them, with numerous media outlets reporting that these people are "linked to the Occupy Seattle movement." (This irritates me to no end. The police said no, but the media is ignoring them in favor of making the Occupy movement look bad. Disgusting.)

-- A man at the Occupy DC encampment was arrested for child cruelty yesterday, after his 13 month old daughter was found alone in a tent, crying, by other demonstrators. Occupiers opened the tent to find the little girl alone, wrapped her in a blanket, and called police. It took the man a half hour to approach police saying she was his child. Occupiers say he is not part of the movement, but has been seen frequently around the park in the past few weeks.

-- Two Oakland Police Officers have been punished for an incident during the General Strike late last year. An officer who had covered his name tag was suspended for 30 days, and his commanding officer, a Lieutenant, was demoted to Sergeant for not reporting the incident. During the strike, a man with a video camera asked the officer why his name was covered, and when he didn't answer, he asked the Lieutenant, who immediately walked over, talked to the officer, and removed the tape. (Personally, I find that the demotion was a bit much. The Lieutenant was not rude or brash. He walked over and removed the tape as soon as they asked him about it. Maybe a suspension, but being demoted for not reporting that? I don't know...) You can watch the video here, and decide for yourself:

Sorry for keeping it short today, but I have a ton of preparation to do for school next week. Plus, my wife is home after two full weeks of being gone, and I'd love to spend some time with her.


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