Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Updates 1/24/12

Hello everyone.

Here's the news for today:

-- Even as many critics say that the Occupy movement is dwindling and sputtering, new Occupations are springing up. Some new movements include UMass Boston and University of Denver, among others.

-- 3 Occupiers from Occupy Miami and Occupy West Palm Beach were arrested in Boca Raton after they lay in the roadway during rush hour traffic. The demonstrators were protesting against a hedge fund industry conference that was being held nearby. While other protesters were present, they were no taken into custody. The 3 arrested Occupiers had locked themselves together, blocking traffice for at least a half hour before police could separate and detain them.

-- Occupy Wall Street attorneys have dropped their case against the owners of Zuccotti Park, saying that they no longer need to proceed since the officials have removed the barricades and stopped searching park visitors. While the rules are still in effect about no camping, many Occupiers are okay with the lawsuit being dropped, hailing it as a victory of unlimited access to the park.

-- In the first official probe of its kind, Congress is opening a major investigation into Occupy DC, asking why protesters have been allowed to say in the park for so long. There is a ban on camping in the parks, but the National Park Service declared the Occupation a "24 hour vigil," thus skirting around the ban. Critics are slamming the investigation as "purely political." One of the members of the subcommittee performing the probe is Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican. He is questioning the Obama administration for allowing protesters to stay, saying that it may be for political gain on the administration's part.

-- Santorum has been glitter bombed again, this time by two men from Occupy Tampa. Santorum was scheduled to give a speech to roughly 400 people in a cramped American Legion hall when the Occupiers tossed glitter at him, chanting that he is a homophobe. The men were tackled and carried off the property, where they were issued trespass warnings banning them from ever returning. (The best quote from this article? "A campaign staffer said it is not the first time this has happened at a Santorum event.")

-- Two members of the Walkupy group are in trouble again. They were arrested yesterday morning after being approached by Madison County Sheriff's Officers, who had received a report of a "traffic obstruction." The officer asked for identification, and the two refused to show it, citing that the officer had no probable cause. They were subsequently arrested and released late last night.

-- The UC Regent's meeting was a little crazy. I reported a bit on it yesterday, but this article explains the events more in depth. Have a look.



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