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Updates 1/26/12

Hello everyone.

I'm starting to feel much better lately. My cough has lessened quite a bit, and the headaches are less frequent. Yay!

On to the news:

-- Reporters Without Borders released their yearly Press Freedom Index Wednesday, showing that the US had dropped a huge 27 spots to 47th place in freedom of the press. The summary of the report described the large loss of press freedom as directly resultant of the many journalists arrested while covering the Occupy Movement. At several points during the movement's actions police have been targeting reporters, arresting even those from the most well-known news agencies.

-- Occupy Portland held a demonstration yesterday evening, in support of the Egyptian Revolution. Four people were arrested, with charges of disorderly conduct or interfering with police. As the rally marched around the city, police presence grew until the officers outnumbered the protesters. Police were heard yelling at demonstrators to stay on the sidewalks, and at one point, several officers were knocked down by an accidental surge of the crowd. There were no injuries.

-- A US Bank located in the UC Davis student center has shut its doors repeatedly for the past few weeks, thanks to a blockade by roughly 40 students. The protesters simply sit down outside the doors of the bank, blocking anyone from entering. While the University has a ten year contract with the bank, there are rumors beginning to fly that it may shut down entirely soon. The students say they won't go until the bank does.

-- Occupy Oakland is planning to take over a vacant building as its new headquarters, warning police that any attempt to prevent this will result in more blockades. They are working on choosing a building, with several in mind, all of which are either public buildings or buildings vacated by their bank or investor owners due to greed, corruption, or incompetence. Police say they are just watching for the moment, but that protesters need to keep the law in mind.

-- Occupy Auckland was raided early Thursday morning by as many as 60 police and 30 security officers. Over a dozen protesters were arrested for breaching the peace, breaching trespass orders, and willful damage and assault. Occupiers say they have been treated worse than dogs, with the City Council's Chief Executive making a show out of delivering the trespass order personally. After the eviction, many protesters came back for a meeting, obviously upset. Many carried signs, and some tore down the fence that had been surrounding the area. They are planning a large march this weekend.

A few interesting articles to indulge in:

This article from the Huffington Post describes what we've all known- cities really are working together to kick out Occupy.

Here's a rather eye-opening view of the random charges Occupiers have been slapped with for protesting.


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