Friday, January 27, 2012

Updates 1/27/12

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Here's the news for today:

-- Multiple calls are going out to Occupy Chicago for the G8 and NATO summits in May. This may be the largest Occupation to date, with a possible 50,000 people in attendance. Occupy Chicago has no permanent Occupation spot, and protesters who attend may find themselves subject to the new, stricter rules being enforced by that mayor. Occupy Chicago is calling for the month long occupation as part of the Chicago Spring.

-- I reported a few days ago that several Occupiers had been shot with paintballs at the UC Regents meeting at the Riverside campus. It turns out that information was incorrect. The projectiles being shot at students were actually "pepper balls," which can cause burning and pain. Apparently the UC police still favor the peppery side of policing.

-- Occupy Albany may owe a bit of money soon. The city is asking for a state court to review their case, but also for Occupiers to pay the city's legal fees. The city of Albany is saying the was no reason to move the case to federal court, which means the protesters should pay.

-- Somewhere between 25 and 40 OWS Occupiers were arrested for interrupting a foreclosure auction in New York yesterday. The protesters, who apparently numbered around 80, stood up and burst into song, delaying the auction. Only one of the six properties on the auction block was sold.

-- Occupy Des Moines is on the move. Protesters have been occupying Stewart Square for quite some time now, but their permit runs up early next week. Rather than fighting a mayor who they say showed much goodwill to them, they will be heading back to the State Capitol building, where they had originally set up for three days before being evicted by the governor. The mayor had then offered them Stewart Square. The Occupiers are unsure of how the governor will handle the move.

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