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Updates 1/21/12

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Thank you for your patience with me. I understand that sometimes I may miss news stories when I have to skip a day, but I try to report as well as I can. Hopefully my visit to the doctor will prevent any severe future illness, but for now, I feel like crap. Flu shots do that sometimes, but as someone who has caught pneumonia every year since high school, it's rather important for me to pay attention to my health.

On to the news!

-- Occupy the Courts is in full swing, as groups around the country move in on their local courthouses to protest. A least a dozen were arrested with Occupy DC, as they sang and chanted on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, where it is apparently illegal to protest.

-- Occupy SF also had multiple arrests, with some reports saying that over 20 protesters were detained for blocking the doors of several banks yesterday. Pepper spray was used, and many of the Occupiers were arrested for trespassing. At least one was arrested for grabbing an officer's baton. Some had chained themselves to the banks' entryways.

-- In Portland (OR), Occupiers protested at the Pioneer Courthouse Square yesterday, opening mocking Supreme Court judges and calling for a Constitutional amendment against the Citizen's United ruling. Several people showed up dressed as the judges, wearing banners with large corporate logos on them. No arrests were made, but an altercation led to several protesters being removed.

-- Occupy Cross Creek (GA) has been rallying together all week at the Cross Creek High School. Students are tired of violence from gangs and bullying, and are banding together to spread the word. The students hope their message against violence and bullying will spread much farther than their own school. They incorporated themed dress-up days, as well as several protests.

-- Occupy LA joined up with UC students to protest the Regent's meeting on Thursday, when apparently things got a little out of control. Students were moving barricades to attempt to block police, and at least one protester was shot with rubber bullets. You can watch the footage here:

-- Mayor Jean Quan got a warm welcome in DC on Thursday when roughly a dozen protesters surrounded her cab and chanted "Shame" at the visiting mayor. Quan's hotel had been the site of demonstrators for several days, looking for the disgraced mayor. Quan shielded her face while Occupiers chanted, and police arrived to clear the way for the cab to leave. You can watch the video here:

-- Occupy London has moved to a new building again, as they fight to appeal the ruling for their eviction. They have moved into the nine-story Roman House building, which previously housed businesses from the financial district. They say they will remain there until the City of London Corporation releases all the details of their cash accounts.

-- Occupy Bristol has been served with eviction papers from the city and Bristol County Court. Occupiers are not planning on leaving anytime soon, saying they believe the best course of action is resistance. They are being accused of trespass.

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