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Updates 1/28/12

Hello everyone.

I have few choice words to say today. You'll see my comments interspersed with the articles, and also a rant about "Adbusters and Occupiers" at the end.

Here's the news:

-- Occupy Atlanta marched on Chase Bank yesterday, demanding that a foreclosed home be given back to the original owner, a mother. Chase Bank is reportedly charging roughly $400,000 for the home, which is worth about $100,000. Atlanta police "had to evacuate a person" from the bank, after the protest reportedly became heated. (The photo shown accompanying the article is a young man, handcuffed, being led away, with the caption reading that someone had to be "evacuated.")

-- Anonymous has released more information on their Stratfor Intelligence leak, providing intel that shows the group had been spying on the Occupy movement. Stratfor had apparently been working with Texas law enforcement to infiltrate the movement. You can read the full article here:

-- Occupy Jacksonville isn't going anywhere. The city council is unhappy with the movement being in place, and has apparently been trying to find ways to oust them since their arrival. Occupiers believe that one councilman in particular is behind the removal attempts, Councilman Don Redman. They say he is extremely condescending. Occupy Jacksonville has filed suit against the city for limiting their rights to expression, but they hope to settle out of court.

-- Occupy DC has been given until Monday to stop camping. While the Park District will allow them to continue a 24 hour vigil, they must remove all tents or face citations. The Park Service has basically been forced into enforcing the "no camping" rules by several members of Congress and the city mayor.

This one comes with a little rant:

-- A man dressed as Lady Gaga was arrested in Park City, UT, for allegedly hitting a car with his sign during an Occupy protest last Sunday, which was the first day of the Sundance Film Festival. The police had apparently asked the man to stay out of the road before. Upon the arrival of police, they found that the man claimed a car had intentionally hit him while yelling for him to "get a job." The people in the car said that they had slowed down, and that the man hit the car with his sign. Police saw a dent in the bumper with paint that apparently matched the sign the man was holding, and took him into custody. (BULLSHIT. I CALL BULLSHIT. I study Forensics, and there is NO SUCH FIELD TEST that would allow them to confirm the paint would match. For all the police know, she could have hit a garbage can earlier that was the same color, and just blamed it on the man!! This is WRONG. I can't say whether he did or did not hit the car with his sign, but the FACTS are that they CANNOT prove he did just by looking at the paint!" There are thousands upon thousands of paint pigments out there. Just because one is the same color does NOT mean it's the same thing! GRRR!!!)

On to my final rant:

It seems that many Occupiers are getting upset with the fact that Adbusters is telling people to go and join Occupy Chicago in the protest of the G8 and NATO forums. I've even seen some people saying they won't go now, simply because the Adbusters group said to. Well, I've got a little bite for you guys. If you don't want to go because ONE GROUP out of DOZENS says you should, you may not be in this group for the right reasons. The media likes to portray Adbusters as "the beginning of Occupy," and "the group who started it all." But the real question is this: Why in the hell does it matter? They're a group! I don't care! I was planning on going myself, without anyone telling me I should. If you were too, then GO ANYWAY! The media already portrays us however they want, and they're probably going to continue doing so for quite some time. For Cripes sake, don't act like you're in high school. "I wanted to go to this concert, but then my mom said I should, so now I'm not going cuz I like to rebel." Doesn't that sound silly? If you can, get your butt to the G8 and NATO summit. Not because Adbusters said so. Not because I say so. Not even because Occupy Chicago says so. Do it because YOU have something to say, and YOU deserve to be heard, dammit! WE deserve to be heard!


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