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Updates 1/9/12

Hello everyone.

Wading through all the political drama is tedious. This guy says this, that guy said that... blah blah blah. Liars, Crooks, Thieves. And they call us Gypsies bad. (I come from a Romani heritage.)

Anyway, on to the news:

-- Occupy Albany has certainly not given up their occupation, even after they were forced to vacate their encampment a little while ago. The group has rented a small office storefront in downtown Albany, where the Occupiers meet to discuss plans and events. They have several demonstrations planned for later this month, and say they won't be quitting anytime soon---they have a six month lease.

-- Several Occupiers was arrested in Eureka last night, just the day after nine others were cited for illegally camping on courthouse grounds. Four of last night's arrests were for illegal camping. One man was arrested with several charges, after police say he took down the American and California flags in order to put up his own handmade cardboard one. Police say that he also stepped on the American flag in the process of affixing his own to the pole. They began to arrest him on suspicion of trespassing, when police say he began to violently resist, telling them they had no authority over him.

-- At a Mitt Romney rally in New Hampshire last night, Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, was there to give his backing to the candidate. When Occupiers began to ask questions and heckle both men, Christie referred to one of the protesters as "sweetheart," clearing showing he was irritated with her employment questions. He then turned her complaints into an Obama-bashing session, claiming the woman was so blinded by anger at the President that she can't see Romney would provide jobs.

-- Occupy Atlanta is rallying at noon today at the Georgia State Capitol building. They want the state to end the death penalty, citing concerns with the Troy Davis execution last year, in which many of the people who claimed he performed the murder of Savannah police officer had recanted their testimony, while others said he was not the man there. Occupy Atlanta had previously renamed Woodruff Park after Davis.

-- Police and authorities in D.C. are irritable with protesters, because they won't file for certain permits. Occupy Congress is coming to D.C. January 17th, and they are expecting one of the largest turnouts so far. Local and federal authorities are asking that Occupiers file for 4 permits, concerning gathering in the park, marching in the street, gathering outside the Capitol building, and a bus drop-off point. Occupy D.C. has already received the permit for the Capitol building, and have applied for the bus one, but they will not be applying for the other two.

-- Occupy Nigeria has had two young men killed by police. Thousands of people were protesting at the Government House in Kano, when police began to fire into the crowd to subdue protesters who had been trying to gain entry. A fifteen year old boy was killed in the gunfire, and when his body was returned to Lagos, protesters there engaged police, leading to a second youth being shot and killed by officers.


Here are some articles you may find interesting as well.

-- The Australian has published an article discussing the salary cuts many Wall Street bankers may be facing this year, with some reports of up to half their salary of last year. You can read this here, if you're interested:

-- has posted an article describing Newt Gingrich's latest adventures in New Hampshire, complete with Occupiers drawing reporters to the bigger story outside---them. If you'd like to read about him trying to dodge his own race-based comments, as well as him getting irritable at a person asking simple questions, look here:,_defending_race-tinged_food_stamp_comments,_is_dogged_by_occupy_protesters/


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