Sunday, January 22, 2012

Updates 1/22/12

Hello everyone.

The news is light today. I got my first ever nosebleed writing it. I think I need a humidifier or something.

Here's the news:

-- Occupy London has vacated the Barbican building, less than 24 hours after they occupied it. Occupiers were contacted by employees of the Berkeley Homes company, who had recently been hired to complete renovations on the building. The employees, who contacted Occupy London individually, were concerned about their job security. Rather than possibly risk their jobs, Occupiers vacated the spot, wishing the employees well, and saying that they trust Berkeley Homes will "make adequate provision for affordable housing."

-- The final tally for arrests in the San Francisco protest on Friday has come to 23. 19 were arrested in the daytime, but 4 more were arrested that night. One of the 4 had been arrested earlier while attempting to get into an empty hotel The other three later got into the building and made it to the roof, where they allegedly began throwing bibles at the police. Police used pepper spray and batons to subdue the protesters, and two officers were apparently injured. One officer was hit in the chest with a brick, while the other hurt his hand.

Sorry, I know it's short. Not much out there today.


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