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Updates 1/8/12

Hello everyone.

I really appreciate the kindness and encouragement I get in your letters. Sometimes I run myself ragged trying to do this news blog for you all, but I know that some people count on me, so I won't quit.

The linguists have spoken, by the way, as the American Dialect Society has chosen "Occupy" as 2011's word of the year. (Yay linguists!)

On to today's news:

-- Over 200 people symbolically took back the park they were evicted from in Albany yesterday, in a bid to remind everyone that while Occupy Albany may not be in the park, they're certainly still around. Occupy Albany is still fighting the city in court over tents, so some protesters set up small ones, while others wore theirs. They started with a general assembly, and then were escorted by police during a march, finally returning to the park for a candlelight vigil.

-- An article by is bringing Sacramento's ugly and illegal process to light. The article claims that Occupiers who had their charges dismissed are being found guilty without trial, using "administrative penalties" to do so. You can read the whole story here:

-- Occupy Oakland had 6 arrests yesterday, as they marched to protest the continuing mistreatment of Occupiers by police. Some straggling protesters hung back, painting anarchy symbols on media vans and breaking windows in local shops and police cars before being chased down. The 6 arrested had several charges, including vandalism, assaulting police, resisting arrest, and one (idiot) was carrying a quarter stick of dynamite, so he was charged with possession of an explosive device. The peaceful marchers were then penned up in a corner by police, who declared them to be in unlawful assembly, leading to the protesters decision to leave.

-- Here's something you won't find in the Corporate media-- Occupy Princeton mic checked a JP Morgan-Chase Treasury Services info session yesterday, in their first direct action. They accused JP Morgan-Chase of several unethical practices, and said they don't support a campus culture that ignores the crooked dealings of Wall Street. You can watch the video here:

Be sure to watch to the end, as the stunned representative tries to convince people to stay and listen.

-- 2 Walkupy protesters were arrested yesterday in Charlotte, NC, when they refused to move down the sidewalk after being asked by police to do so. The two, Garth Kiser and Sarah Lynn Handyside, were arrested for second-degree trespassing. Handyside is from Anchorage, AK, and Kiser is from Murphysboro, IL. Both are still in jail under a $500 bond.

That's all I have for today.


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