Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Updates 1/17/12

Hello everyone.

Police departments in several cities, including Portland and Oakland, are saying that crime increased during the Occupy encampments, and decreased after their removal. Being that study a lot of crime, it leads me to wonder if they are taking all factors into account. For example, crime may have increased during the encampment's occupation time, but did they factor in that police were mostly focused on the Movement, allowing criminals to perform more crime with less fear of getting caught? Did they factor in the increased police presence in the city after they raided the encampment that may cause crime to decrease? I highly doubt it. Anyway...

Here's the news for today:

-- 6 members of Occupy Baltimore were arrested yesterday, as they set up a classroom on property set aside for a proposed juvenile detention center. Occupiers were protesting the use of funds to build the juvenile prison, saying it should instead be used on education. Police in riot gear and state troopers removed the Occupiers, arresting the six for trespassing on private property.

-- OWS has two marches yesterday, with one group marching from the African Burial Ground in NYC to the Federal Reserve, while singing and chanting. The other smaller group protested at a Bank of America, leading to the arrest of 4 protesters for trespassing.

-- This Friday is the 2 year anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and Occupiers are not letting it pass quietly. Over 80 courthouses will have protests concerning the removal of the decision by way of a Constitutional Amendment, with people from all sides of the political spectrum agreeing the decision should be overturned.

That's all I have time for today everyone. Got to catch the bus for the first day of my last semester as an undergraduate. Wish me luck!


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