Monday, January 30, 2012

Updates 1/30/12

Hello everyone.

Is there anything more fitting for my 100th post than for me to say "Sorry this is short, I have class this morning, and want to get a 100 on my assignment that is due?"

Didn't think so. :)

I've decided I'm going to let my personality show a little more in my postings, so you all can get to know me as well as the news. So, without further ado...

Here's the news!

-- Yesterday a man with Occupy DC was arrested by police, after he told police to get out of his tent, then ripped down the flyer they had put up. He followed police around, ripping fliers down behind them, causing police to turn on him. While 3 police officers wrestled him to the ground, one pulled out a taser and shocked him, causing cries of "Police brutality!" Protesters say that with 3 officers on him, using the taser was excessive.

-- Also in DC, there is a noon deadline today to implement the ban on overnight camping. (Does that even make any sense?) Many Occupiers say they won't leave, leading to authorities to worry abbout the confrontational mood in the occupation site.

-- Occupy Charlotte has been given a warning to leave the lawn of City Hall, or be evicted. Officers have not given the protesters a time when they will be removed, but Occupiers believe it will be sooner than later. When police read the warning to the Occupiers, many of them argued that the tents were used for shelter, rather than camping, as the ban says. Officers declined that reasoning, saying all tents but the information booth must be removed.

-- Protesters in Des Moines refused to leave the Capitol grounds, leading to the arrests of roughly ten Occupiers. They had moved onto the grounds only yesterday, after vacating Stewart Park. The grounds close at 11 p.m., and about 15 minutes later, police began arresting those who remained.

Here's one for the "police overreaction" department:

-- Two Occupiers were arrested yesterday in Tampa, after blocking the street for a protest. Police arrived and everyone moved to the sidewalk, walking down the road. Police then asked a women to get on the sidewalk, but she refused, leading to her arrest. Afterwards, a man approached the officers with his fist clenched. Feeling threatened, officers arrested him for "assault of a law enforcement officer." (Are you freaking kidding me?!)

-- The numbers of arrests from the Oakland incident just keep rising. Now it has been reported that over 400 were arrested on Saturday.


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