Monday, January 16, 2012

Updates 1/16/12

Hello everyone.

It's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday today. Occupiers are marching, politicians are volunteering, and I'm sitting home grumbling about not getting mail today. (That's a joke. I am sitting home, but I'm not very grumbly today. I'm just anxious, because school starts tomorrow.)

Ok, maybe I am a bit grumbly, but that's because the news is difficult to find today. Once the Corporate Media gets on a kick, they just don't quit.

Here's the news for today:

-- Occupy Nigeria is claiming a small victory today, as the President says he will be lowering fuel prices to appease the protesters. When the fuel subsidy was removed earlier this month, fuel prices weren't the only cost that increased. Food and transportation costs skyrocketed, leaving many without a way to eat. Protesters have been in the streets for weeks now, with rolling strikes and violent outbursts shutting down cities.

-- Occupy DC has passed a resolution asking for a Constitutional Amendment removing corporate personhood. With Occupy Congress approaching quickly this Friday, Occupiers plan on asking the DC City Council to pass a similar resolution.

-- Occupy Davos (Switzerland) is fighting the bitter cold in a brilliant way. Activists from around the world are invited to join the Occupiers at their igloo encampment, where they will become Occupy WEF (the World Economic Forum). As well as having multiple igloos, the Occupiers also have a few heated tepees and a kitchen.

-- An Occupy LA protester was arrested on charges of "lynching" on Thursday, leading legal advice to come to his defense. "Lynching" is described as using riot action to remove someone from police custody. Attorneys are saying the charges are trumped up, because there is no evidence that anyone was removed from custody, or that 2 or more people used riot action towards police.

-- Occupiers traveling to Occupy Congress from San Diego were left stranded in Amarillo, TX, when a Greyhound bus driver demanded "All you Occupy people, off my bus!" The Amarillo 13, as they became known, have their own account of what happened, and it seems that the Corporate Media is agreeing with the events listed. You can read all about this here:


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  1. A great MLK quote to enjoy today: "The contemporary tendency in our society is to base our distribution on scarcity, which has vanished, and to compress our abundance into the overfed mouths of the middle and upper classes until they gag with superfluity. If democracy is to have breadth of meaning, it is necessary to adjust this inequity. It is not only moral, but it is also intelligent. We are wasting and degrading human life by clinging to archaic thinking." At, I look at more from the same chapter and share some thoughts they raise about today's debate over increasing wealth inequality.