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Hello everyone.

I know many of you have said you enjoy my insight on certain subjects, so for those of you that do, there is a bit of a rant at the end of today's news, involving a news story about one very outspoken young woman.

Here's the news for today:

-- Mitt Romney was mic checked during a spaghetti dinner in New Hampshire last night, with Occupiers chanting "Romney says he creates jobs, but as the CEO of Bain Capital, Romney made millions from bankrupting companies and laying off workers!" The Occupiers were then led outside, where some people in attendance stopped to ask them about the company.

-- Occupy Des Moines has been given a January 31st eviction notice from city administrators, but they are concerned they may be evicted at a sooner date. The Occupiers did not break city rules, or cause trouble, so they are wondering why the opinion of city officials has changed. They say that even when they are evicted, the Occupy movement will not end.

-- Occupy Boulder prepared for an eviction last night due to new park rules, which state that parks are now closed after 11 p.m. to the public. They started a dance party at 11:01 p.m., eventually leading to the arrival of two police officers. The officers said that while they would not be ticketing for park rules, they would ticket for noise violations if they were called out repeatedly. It is not known when or if police will begin to enforce the new park rules.

-- After the city of Portland (Maine) filed a response to Occupy Maine's lawsuit, saying that camping is not a form of free speech, Occupiers are cleaning up their encampment area as they wait for a decision. The protesters had one of the first encampments to spring up with the movement, and they are hoping to be the last to leave.

-- Occupy Scranton has vacated the Courthouse Square, at least temporarily. The group's agreement with the city has expired, leading to Occupiers assist the police in the removal of their information booth. While their booth is gone, the Occupiers are not, with a fundraising concert planned for next Friday, 7 p.m., at the Vintage Theater.

That's all for the news section today.

(Warning: Author's rant, colorful language may be included.)
Now we have something... interesting. To fully understand what I'm going on about, you should read this news story, along with its accompanying emails:

So. What do you think? Here sits a young woman, an NYU student. She is angry at her teacher for forcing her to visit Zucotti Park, to do ethnographic research. She is angry at a graduate assistant for not calling on her in class, and for treating her differently. She is angry at the department, the Dean, and the President for not taking her seriously. She is angry at the school for sending a mental health professional to check on her. This young woman is angry.

She gets angry at the school sending a mental health professional to check on her, calling it "using the mental health card," yet she repeatedly refers to Occupiers as "paranoid schizophrenics." She also calls them "rapists," "predators," and other interesting terms of endearment. She feared for her safety when she visited the encampment, calling into attention how "attractive" her companions were, and how they wouldn't be able to fend off an attacker. In broad daylight. With cameras.

This woman has problems. She's quite hypocritical, for one. She also doesn't seem to understand what she's going to school for. She says the professor is trying to remove her free speech because her opinions are not welcome. Well, if I could talk to this young woman, I'd have a few things to say....

Dear Sara,

I study linguistics, forensics, and sociology. And I have a little bit of news for you. One of the points of sociological research, nay, ANY research, is to understand that YOU HAVE A BIAS. Everyone does. Yes, you do. You may not believe it, but anyone can assure you that it is there, and in your case, it is strong. The reason your teacher doesn't want your opinions is because your class IS NOT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR OPINIONS, you half-wit. Research is about working PAST your opinions, and seeing what actually is happening. (Emphasis is to allow my writing to be similar to hers, to increase understanding.)

If I were the Dean of your college, I believe I would discipline you, especially with your continued harassment of your instructor. By saying things like "they're only a spousal hire," "I'm gonna tell my Facebook friends," and "I'll go public if you don't fire her!!!!" you are essentially harassing, THREATENING, and defaming your teacher! You repeatedly said "I'm not threatening, I made it clear that I'm not threatening, I'm only telling the truth!" When you say "If you don't X, I'm going to X," it's still a threat, regardless of if you say, "Oh, and that isn't a threat." There are proper channels to go through, which you were given. You were also given an alternative assignment, after which you decided to go to Zucotti Park anyway, which leads me to believe that you simply wanted something to whine about. Not to mention the fact that you didn't even complete the alternative assignment, or the original one, even though you had the ability to after your visit.


You have issues.



What the hell is wrong with this woman? I can't even put into words how ridiculous this whole thing is. I'm pretty sure she's in the wrong damn field. People are trying to defend her by saying "She shouldn't have to do something that scares her, or makes her fear for her life!" They're also saying the instructor shouldn't have the right to make students do studies off campus. THIS IS COLLEGE, PEOPLE. You aren't 12 years old, needing permission from Mommy to go on a fricking field trip!

Anyway... She had multiple options:

#1. Withdraw from the course- she felt like her voice wasn't being heard by her instructor anyway, and she disagreed with the required assignment. This would have been my likely course of action.

#2. File a grievance- she said she did, but the school administrators found her claims to be unwarranted.

#3. Take an incomplete- if she couldn't finish her assignments, this would be a normal course of action for many students.

#4. Do the original assignment- the instructor even said that she could do the assignment "her way," meaning that she could voice her opinions throughout as long as she did it.

#5. Do the alternative assignment- if she didn't want to do #1, #3, or #4, this is the LOGICAL course of action... which she did not do.

Good grief. I think I'm done. I'm totally flabbergasted. What the hell is wrong with people?!


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