Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Updates 1/4/12

Hello everyone.

The update on me: I feel like blech. Moving on...

Here's the news for today:

-- A city council committee in Asheville has rejected a ban on camping in their city, instead opting to ask protesters to minimize tent numbers, provide sanitation, and get permits for each person camping. The entire council will vote on the move later this week.

-- Occupy Wellington has ignored an eviction notice saying they needed to vacate the park by 4 p.m. today. Protesters instead wrote a letter to the city council, accusing them of twisting the laws in their favor. The council is calling the Occupy movement a "campground," and have been passing rules and regulations concerning camping.

-- Occupy Rochester's permit deadline in January 11th, and they are asking the city for a renewal. The city does not yet know if they will renew the permit, but the Mayor said he is happy with Occupiers keeping up their end of the bargain so far.

-- A San Diego company seems to be quite happy with the Occupy movement, but not because of their demands or desires. LRAD Corporation makes the sonic noise LRAD devices, and they say business has been booming since the movement began. While many question the safety of such a device, the vice-president of the company says he is "very confident" that LRAD does not cause permanent damage.

-- Occupy Wall Street performed a flash mob yesterday during rush hour at Grand Central Station, leading to the arrest of three Occupiers, and two more being issued summons. The Occupiers were protesting the "treasonous" signing of the NDAA by President Obama. They performed "black bagging" during the protest, which means placing black bags over the heads of other demonstrators, reminiscent of Abu Ghraib.

-- Also out at Occupy Wall Street, or rather in the studio, more arrests took place yesterday. Footage cut away from the OWS movement at Grand Central to show arguing at the studio for GlobalRev, and later on, police arrived to arrest people there. They left a sign on the building door saying that the space was "imminently perilous to life." No one is really sure why they were arrested. Read the article here for yourself:

That's all I have for today everyone.

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