Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Updates 1/3/12

Hello everyone.

You're probably all used to hearing this by now, but I'm sick again. This is why I'm a home-bound Occupier. My immune system left years ago.

Here's the news for today:

-- Occupy the Rose Parade seemingly went off without a hitch yesterday. With numbers greatly differing according to who quotes them (5000 says Occupiers, 400 says police), Occupiers carried both a banner representing the Constitution and a 70 ft. octopus made of recycled trash bags. Immediately following them was 3 full truckloads of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies in full riot gear.

-- The Chair of the Democratic National Committee has said that she will probably not be meeting with Occupiers. When an MSNBC reporter asked her if she would make the time, she replied "I just got here at 1'o'clock in the morning. I mean really." She then went on to say she doubts she will have time, but she has spoken with Occupiers in the past, and believes they are well within their rights to be frustrated. She added that although Occupiers did protest the Democrats this week, she insists that they are more frustrated with Republicans.

-- Occupy Fredericton was removed this morning, with city staff and one police officer arriving at roughly 5 yesterday morning. The mayor said he felt one officer would be sufficient, and the tents were removed without incident.

-- Occupiers interrupted a speech by Mitt Romney on Monday night, throwing him off track until his supporters began to chant against them. Romney then mused that it's great to live in a country where we can express our views, shortly before 15 Occupiers were removed from the campaign event, with 3 being arrested. (Hypocrite much?) Before they were removed, Romney said he hopes they will do the same sort of protesting when President Obama arrives. (They already did at one of his speeches, and I don't doubt they'll do it again. Geez.)

-- Occupy Binghamton dealt with an eviction of sorts last night. They parked their self-sustaining yurt in Kennedy Park, and a neighbor called police. Police told them to either move the structure, or they would. Occupiers complied, putting the yurt in storage for the night.

-- The website "biggovernment.com" is suggesting that California prevent any further Occupy violence by using the state's strict gang laws to declare Occupy Wall Street a "street gang." It would prohibit "gang members" from communicating and congregating in areas where other "gang members" are present. (Wow.)

-- Occupy Oakland may be facing another eviction, this time concerning the tepee and table they've had on the plaza for over a month. Protesters have consistently been given permits for these structures, provided they follow strict rules. Occupiers were given a notice yesterday saying that their permit was revoked immediately for not following rules. After a bit of protesting, the city has agreed to look it over again with the objections in mind.

-- Occupy Cobb is being joined by Occupy Atlanta today in an effort to protest foreclosures at the Cobb County Superior Courthouse. Foreclosure auctions are to be performed today, and Occupiers are joining forces against them. Occupy Our Homes has shown some solid progress in the past, and with over a million homes in foreclosure today, Occupiers aren't giving up.

-- The Westboro Baptist Church and Occupy Dallas went head to head yesterday. WBC was carrying signs against Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, and Annise Parker (Houston's first openly gay mayor), while Occupy Dallas strutted their stuff against the church, shouting them out and showing their differences in many ways, including a lesbian kiss in front of the group.

-- Occupy Chapel Hill/Carrboro will be packing up next week, according to protesters. The movement is working on a new evolution, say Occupiers. They have a day of events planned for January 10th, and after the day is done, they will move on to other plans, including public meetings, participation in Occupy the Courts, and support of the local Human Rights Center.

That's all for today. Hope you are well.


If you have any questions, comments, corrections, information, or to participate in future Occupy research, please email me at elvishbutterfly@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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