Thursday, January 5, 2012

Updates 1/5/12

Hello everyone.

Mostly quiet on the Occupy front, but I do have a few things for you.

Here's the news for today:

-- Occupy Bloomington is being evicted, after officials gave them until noon today to take their belongings and vacate. Protesters are upset, and many say they are staying. Just recently police began to show up and arrest people. Previously the encampment had been calm.

-- Around a dozen people were arrested for demonstrating in front of city hall last night in Oakland. Police arrived in full riot gear to disperse the protesters, with the action coming two days after the tepee's permit had been revoked.

-- Apparently Occupy protests have spread to Nigeria, and they are sweeping the nation. You can read an article about it from the Huffpost here:

-- Portland (OR) is having a bit of financial difficulty, which they are blaming on Occupy. According to the mayor, Occupy has cost them so much money that the city cannot afford to host the Republican Presidential debate, as previously planned. The mayor is asking the Republicans to help the city by moving the debate.

-- Occupy Boulder is getting ready to deal with the same curfew problems as Occupy Denver. The city of Boulder is passing an ordinance that closes all parks at 11 p.m., and city officials are citing health and safety concerns as the reason for the ordinance.

That's all for today.


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