Friday, February 10, 2012

Updates 2/10/12

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-- UC Riverside is making headlines again, as Occupiers remain on campus despite Chancellor White's orders to remove their tents and stop camping overnight. The tents have been up since January 18th, which was the start of the UC Regents two-day meeting at the campus. The campus Spokesperson said the campus is not set up to handle overnight visitors, but the Occupiers say they are being responsible and clean.

-- An Oakland Occupier has been arrested for violating a court's stay away order. Police saw him walking in the square and recognized him as one of the 12 ordered to steer clear. They arrested him for contempt of court. He will likely face fines and/or jail time for disobeying the order.

-- The bank-owned park in Pittsburgh is officially empty and fenced off. The bank says it has planned "extensive repairs" for the park. Thursday night, police swept through the park looking for anything suspicious, as an online threat indicated a bomb may have been left behind by retreating Occupiers. Officers found nothing of concern.

-- Occupy Portland (Maine) is once again awaiting eviction. At least 6 tents were still standing in the park when the deadline passed this morning. Portland's Occupation is one of the longest running encampments, and they are working on deciding whether to pursue a lawsuit against the city. A city spokesperson says that the situation will be addressed if it becomes clear the Occupiers will not leave.

-- Two protesters with Occupy LA were arrested for unknown reasons on Thursday after the protest against foreclosure proceedings became "unruly." The protest was outside a state building where a news conference was occurring in celebration of the state's share of a settlement concerning banks and foreclosures. Police say that some protesters became "unruly" and began trying to get into the building.

-- Roughly 2,000 protesters swarmed a Department of Education meeting in New York yesterday, fighting to save schools with the help of the Teacher's Union, which had bussed the Occupiers in. The meeting was disrupted several times, with the union and Occupiers alike decrying the Board, which has never turned down a school closure. The Independent Budget Office has released a report showing that many of the schools closed typically served low-income students and students with special needs. 23 schools are set to be closed, and even with the massive protest, it is unlikely that the Board will change its mind.


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