Monday, February 13, 2012

Updates 2/13/12

Hello everyone.

We're supposed to get up to two inches of snow today and tomorrow. I know that's not much, but we've had such a mild winter. Usually snow doesn't show up around where I am, just massive amounts of ice. It's dangerous and gross. It's gross because I'm super clumsy, and end up falling in the nastiness at least 3 times every winter. Ewww...

Anyway, the news is fairly quiet today, so I'm doing a "link day." That means today you get to see some of the interesting stories that I find, many of which don't make it into the news due to a lack of time on my part. Here you go:

-- The Breitbart freak-out has apparently gone viral, and this article shows what some people are saying about it. It's pretty funny. If you haven't seen him going off yet, they even include a transcript.

-- Occupy Harvard is working to unite local Occupy and minority groups. See how here.

-- Occupy London is still fighting the courts, but they're also working on their education.

-- This isn't really an article, so much as it is Sarah Palin getting interrupted by Occupiers.

-- The retired police officer from Philly, arrested for protesting, hits the streets again.

--This article gives a short explanation of recent happenings in Greece.

-- A Russian journalist explains why he believes the Occupy Movement is "fizzling out."

I hope these are as interesting to you as they are to me. :)


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