Thursday, February 9, 2012

Updates 2/9/12

Hello everyone.

Sometimes writing can be difficult, especially when you have to consider the past to do so. This is especially true if your life has been changed by events that are not so happy memories now.

On to the news:

-- Occupiers are once again facing off against the Westboro Baptist "Church." This Saturday is the funeral for two young boys who were killed in an explosion set by their father, during a supervised visit. Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket the funeral in Tacoma, WA, to "remind" the Governor that the boys "died because of her rebellion," a reference to the same-sex marriage bill making its way through legislature in the state. But WBC won't be without opponents, as both Occupy Tacoma and Occupy Seattle will surround the church to protect mourners from the WBC picket. (As someone who once joined a counter-protest against WBC at a fallen soldier's funeral, I wish the best to all at Occupy Tacoma and Seattle.)

-- Occupy Pittsburgh has left their encampment voluntarily, two days after an eviction notice was declared. Protesters announced they were leaving, offering remarks that they believe the Sheriff may support their cause due to lack of action against them. The Sheriff asked to hold off on commenting until another day. Occupiers then marched downtown. While they are leaving the park, Occupiers say they will continue to protest in other ways.

-- While the Idaho senate did vote to implement an immediate camping ban on state-managed land, they also added a stipulation to the bill, giving Occupiers 90 days to claim their belongings should they be confiscated. Senate leaders say doing so will preserve the Occupiers' Constitutional private-property rights. The bill will now head back to the House to be re-voted upon.

-- Occupy Newark has been given an eviction notice of 9 p.m. tonight, surprising many protesters with the quickness of the action. Many thought they would have a few extra days. Occupiers in Newark have generally been supported by officials in the city, being granted permission to stay after legislators and even the mayor visited, often staying the night or bringing coffee and donuts. Electricity soon became a concern for city officials when they noted that Occupiers were "stealing" power from the city and local residents. Occupiers offered to pay for the electricity, but the offer was shunned, souring the relationship they had with the mayor. The peaceful Occupation is hoping for an extension.

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