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Updates 2/26/12

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-- In a funny turn of events, Rick Santorum has attacked Mitt Romney again. This time, however, he's doing so by accusing the other Republican candidate of being an "Occupy Wall Street adherent." Meanwhile, Romney is criticizing Santorum for his flip-flop voting record concerning "No Child Left Behind." Apparently Santorum is fundamentally against the program, but voted 'yes' on it. It's just the newest attack in a string of verbal fights between the two.

-- A rally and march will be held at Union Square in NYC at 4 p.m. on the 28th. The rally is a "Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement," and concerns "stop and frisk" laws and coordinated evictions. The Occupiers will be joined by several prominent community members, including church leaders, ACLU attorneys, and musicians.

-- Google Plus has apparently been unblocked by the Chinese government, leading to a swarm of Chinese visitors commenting on President Obama's profile page. The mass visitors, some calling themselves "Occupy Obama," have been largely satirical and political. Most of the comments are in Chinese, which has caused complaints from Americans who visit. (Oh, get over youselves. English isn't the only language in the world, you pompous draggles.)

-- Oakland's Saturday march happened yesterday, this time in support of the cousin of Oscar Grant, the man who was fatally shot by a police officer in 2009. That officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The cousin, Tony Jones, was shot in the back last Sunday night by police.

-- Occupy Louisville is dealing with their first arrests since their Occupation began. Five protesters were arrested last night as they demonstrated against unfair lending practices at a bank. Occupiers say the arrests were unprovoked, as they were being non-violent and peaceful. Police say that the five tried to rush the door of the bank. A video of the arrests clearly show police conversing with protesters, telling them to shut their mouths and "If we want something, we'll ask for it." Charges range from disorderly conduct to assault on a police officer.

This is an interesting article concerning Andrew Breitbart and his rant at Occupiers for being 'pro-rape.' He is accusing Occupiers of "Hiding" rape allegations to keep the movement from looking bad. Turns out, he's doing the exact same thing. Hypocritical much? Read on to find out what's actually going on with his "star reporter," and what he's doing about it. (Hint: not much.)


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