Sunday, February 19, 2012

Updates 2/19/12

Hello everyone.

If you can guess what I'm going to say next, you win a high five!

.............I'm sick again.

Anyway, on to the news:

-- Occupy Eugene is teaming up with the ACLU to protest an exclusionary law that allows judges to temporarily ban someone from the city center if they have been accused of a crime. Not convicted, mind you, just accused. The ordinance is up for renewal in April, and the groups are fighting against it. If it does pass, it would extend the regulation to 2014.

-- Occupy Oakland held their Saturday march yesterday, peacefully marching to UC Berkeley. Occupy Cal was waiting for them in preparation for a demonstration. A Native American man burned an American flag in front of President Obama's campaign office, protesting the nation's treatment of Native Americans. Police later extinguished the fire.

-- The Occupy Koch Town protest has been relatively peaceful. The Occupiers held a march through the city yesterday, with roughly 150 people occasionally blocking intersections due to the size of the march. Police issued no citations and had no arrests, and the rally remained calm. Many passersby showed their support for the Occupiers, who were protesting the greed and environmental destruction, among other things, that the Koch brothers have shown. (I totally just misspelled that name in a bad way and had to go back and fix it. Haha!)

-- Occupy Auckland is back to irritating the city again, this time in their occupation of an empty Housing New Zealand property. The protesters are demonstrating against the evictions of residents, as many low-income properties are being demolished to make way for redevelopments. The protest began with a barbecue at the property for roughly 50 Occupiers, and is ongoing.

The IndyBay website is offering up some insight on how police have been misusing their lapel cameras. This article discusses multiple incidents of misuse during Occupy Oakland events.


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