Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updates 2/14/12

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Yesterday, news was hard to come by. Which means, of course, that today's news is huge. I want to thank the few people that send me emails on occasion to thank me for the news. I really do appreciate your readership. It means so much.

Let's get to it:

-- Occupy London's eviction case is now being heard in England's Appeals Courts. This will likely delay the actual eviction of Occupiers from St. Paul's, as the City of London has said they will wait for all appeals to run their course before moving forward. Occupy attorneys are arguing that the original judge simply rubber-stamped the case with what the City of London wanted, without exploring alternatives or considering the rights of protesters. The City of London is calling for dismissal, saying the original case was open-and-shut.

-- Occupy Tacoma clashed with Rick Santorum yesterday, after he traveled to Washington state to protest the same-sex marriage bill signed into law that day. Two Occupiers were apparently arrested according to Twitter reports, with one being tased. Santorum argued with a student and compared gay marriage to polygamy in his appearance. Occupiers chanted throughout his speech.

-- Police arrested multiple squatters in Portland (OR) who they claim are a part of "a larger movement related to Occupy Portland and anarchist groups." They claim the squatters had lists of empty homes, and had plans written up to victimize an elderly bankrupt lady. They say that "Occupy literature" was strewn about the home, whose actual owner had been hospitalized beforehand.

-- Occupy Atlanta protested AT&T on Monday, after the announcement of multiple layoffs from the company. The mass protest led to the arrest of 12 Occupiers for criminal trespass, but protesters say they won't be leaving the company alone until it rescinds plans to lay off between 500-700 employees. Occupiers set up camp on public property outside the giant corporation, but it is not clear yet if the campsite is "legal" or not

-- Occupy Harvard seems to be pissing off administrators again. Despite being told they could lose their library privileges indefinitely, Occupiers remain staunchly set in the library's cafe, where they have been since at least Friday. The students are protesting multiple items, including a reduction in library staff and the coerced early retirement of certain faculty.

-- Remember the group of women pepper sprayed in NYC back in September? You should, because they've filed suit against the city. They are claiming the the city did not properly train their police officers, resulting in the women being sprayed for nothing more than standing on a sidewalk. The offending officer was docked ten days of vacation time for his transgression. The attorney's for the women say they waited so long to file a lawsuit in order to give the city ample time to finish their reports and follow up, but that not enough was done.

-- Occupy Iowa City has received a detailed letter from the city, explaining that the city will not be renewing their permit for continued park presence. The letter says that increased police activity, concerns for health and safety, and other items, such as the approach of spring, has made it so that they will not being allowing protesters to continue their Occupation. The group's current permit expires at the end of the month.

-- The retired Philly Police Captain who was arrested in uniform at OWS is back on the streets again, still in uniform. He says that while police commissioners may not like what he is wearing or doing, it is not illegal. He has been spotted protesting in Philadelphia at the Comcast headquarters, where he supported both protests occurring at the time. One was against corporate greed, while the other was presenting a petition signed by over 23,000 people to ask the media giant to carry the channel Al-Jazeera English.

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