Saturday, February 11, 2012

Updates 2/11/12

Hello everyone.

I'm sick again. :(

Here's the news for today:

-- Occupy San Francisco took to the streets last night, blocking traffic, invading a mall, and generally frustrating police. As the Occupiers marched, some moved construction barriers in front of police, causing officers to move the barriers in order to keep following. Afterwards, they headed to the mall and chanted until they were thrown out.

-- 8 Atlanta Occupiers were arrested yesterday for protesting a foreclosure at a bank. The demonstrators are expected to be charged with criminal trespass and obstruction of law enforcement officials. They were continuing their foreclosure fight against Chase Bank.

-- Occupy DC protested CPAC yesterday, with police blocking them from entering even the driveway. Multiple "characters" were in attendance to protest the conservative meeting. You can read all about this event here:

Here's a few articles that pissed me off. You should have a look.

Titled "Occupy Wall Street: RIP"

This one is just irritating. From


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