Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Updates 2/28/12

Hello everyone.

I'm short on time today, so we're just going to do a few bigger stories today.

-- Occupy London was evicted last night, with at least 20 Occupiers being arrested as the Occupation was cleared. Bailiffs threw belongings into trucks and trash bins as police looked on, but no violence occurred, according to officers. The group says they will continue to meet at the cathedral, even if they won't be camping there anymore. One man watching the eviction was the former Canon Chancellor of St. Paul's. He had resigned in solidarity with protesters and called the eviction a "terrible sight."

-- Two police officers were injured in a clash between a pro-white protest group and the counter-protest group of Occupy Oakland. According to several Corporate Media sites (with the exact same story, mind you, word for word...), Occupiers arrived and began throwing bottles, cans, and rocks at the group, leading to police involvement. The two injured officers were hit with thrown objects. Both were treated at a local hospital, one has been released so far.

-- Occupy Boise can breathe a little easier, for now. The judge ruled that their tents could stay, as long as no sleeping, cooking, or other camping-related activities occurred. The judge signed a temporary restraining order against the new law passed last week that would have removed them from the property. He said the Occupier's protest qualify as "protected free speech." The injunction will last until an evidentiary hearing takes place, and one has not yet been scheduled.


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