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Updates 2/27/12

Hello everyone.

You get to be treated to another rant at the bottom of this update, concerning several unrelated articles with a recurring theme.


-- (un)Occupy Albuquerque had four arrests yesterday as they attempted to re-Occupy Yale Park. One woman sat down on the grass and began reading, so they picked her up and arrested her. As they were putting her in the car, a man who was standing nearby placed his hand on the car. The officers then arrested him as well. The rest of the group marched to the police station to protest the arrests before continuing the march downtown.

-- Sarasota Police arrested their first Occupier yesterday, a disabled veteran who was writing a slogan in chalk on the sidewalk. An officer arrived at the park while the Iraq War vet was writing a slogan against ALEC (the American Legislation Exchange Council,) and told him to leave the park. When the veteran asked why, the police officer took the man's cane and held it in front of his face, telling him again to leave. When the man reached for his cane, the officer arrested him, charging him with trespass, resisting arrest, obstructing pedestrian traffic, and tampering with public property. The ACLU is looking into the event.

-- Occupy Tacoma peacefully cleaned up their encampment yesterday. Police kept watch over the Occupiers from a distance, but did not move in. The long-running Occupy group is looking for another place to set up their Occupation.

Now here's some fun stuff. This is news/rant. Enjoy.

Go read this article before you start on the next paragraph. I have a point, I promise.

What did you see there? Just a story about some protesters, right? Not so much. Apparently these protesters have nothing to do with the Occupy movement, and I've had several sources confirm this for me. Now look at the last line of the article again... "not DIRECTLY associated with the Occupy Denver movement." This is a shining example of the Corporate Media trying to get into our heads. See, they aren't saying that the movement isn't associated with these violent (and, may I say it, kinda disgusting for what they threw) protesters. They're not DIRECTLY associated. Wordplay... It's all meant to make you bring the connections together yourself. Innuendo and whatnot. Geez it pisses me off.

Another part of this rant, on a similar note of disparagement, is what happened at the University of New Mexico. I reported a small bit on this last week, but not much was known at that time. Now more is known, and videos are all over youtube. Here's one for you to look at before you continue reading, so you understand what was going on.

Ok. Short video, yeah? Not too bad. Here's what some of the CM and contributors have to say about it:

--- "Those who disagreed in this alleged failure of the Arab Spring could have simply stayed home and avoided the sponsored event. Or, if they desired the protest so much, they could have protested outside of the building where the event was being held. However, they instead chose to use their much coveted "freedom" to disrupt the speech."
(from )

--- Just the title of this one says it all.

Here's a quote from the speaker herself. The link behind it is her letter concerning the events.

--- "The “occupiers” accomplished their loud and dramatic confrontation, then they had the audacity to file a police report for assault by the older gentlemen, but no one has been charged so far."


What the fuck? Doesn't anyone have anything to say against the people that attacked these kids? There is a big difference between yelling out a chant or opinion, and shoving someone over a bunch of chairs...

Well, here's a few neutral and positive ones:

--- From the Director of the Peace Studies Program, calling for an apology in an article:

--- A neutral one from the Atlantic Wire:

Trust me, there are a lot more negative ones than positive. This is what gets me angry. It seems that most people believe that if you call out your opinion at a time they don't believe you should, they also think you should be able to have your ass beat by the people who don't want to hear you. What is wrong with people? No. That is not okay. NOT OKAY, DAMMIT. You do NOT have the right to put your hands on someone just because they are saying something you disagree with! I don't care who you are!

Anyway, this is another example of the CM angling. They are fighting to make Occupiers look like horrible people who get what they deserve.

.......Come on, Karma.


Sorry if my thoughts seem a little jumbled. I'm on a bit of medication for my head-cold. Decongestants make your brain act funny. I am feeling LOADS better though!

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