Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Updates 2/7/12

Hello everyone.

The news is short again. There's just not much reporting going on, and many of the things that are being discussed in the Corporate Media bracket are days or weeks old.

In personal news, I just got my first acceptance letter to a grad school!!! :D

Here's what I've got for you today:

-- Authorities in Washington DC have changed their story a bit. Originally, they claimed that a protester had thrown a brick at an officer, hitting him in the eye and possibly causing serious damage during one of the DC evictions. Now authorities are saying the object thrown was actually a liquid filled bottle, and that the protester may not have been intentionally aiming at anyone. The officer who was hit must wait for swelling to subside before the amount of damage is known. The protester resisted arrest afterwards, according to police, and they had to subdue him with a taser.

-- The Oakland City Council may be pushing to force officials, including the mayor, city administrator, and police, to crack down on protesters for breaking rules about blocking streets and holding rallies without permits. They voted on it last night, but results have not yet been made public. The council says police have been to lenient in letting small infractions slide, which they say is unfair to other groups who do file for the permits. The resolution was voted upon previously and failed to make it through.

-- Roughly 175 Occupiers marched through Portland (OR) last night, with 10 being arrested after a small group of protesters broke off from the larger group and began causing damage. Several vehicles were vandalized, and a glass door to a restaurant was broken. Many of the arrests were for disorderly conduct or interfering with police. Occupiers not with the smaller group decried the damage, saying they were upset that the other protesters would do such things.

That's all for today. I hope you are all doing well.


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