Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updates 2/8/12

Hello everyone.

Prop 8 was declared unconstitutional. Yay! :)

Here's the news:

-- After loads of protesters shouted them down at the meeting, Oakland city council members have backed off on a resolution that would have told police to stop being lenient on Occupiers. Two council members expressed disgust at Occupiers, saying they show no respect with their shouts. While most of the attendees were opposed to the resolution, some present wanted it to pass to protect the ports.

-- Occupy Pittsburgh has few people remaining, even while waiting for eviction, says According to the website, police are waiting to evict until it is a time that would work best for authorities. While some protesters are staying, many say they will not risk arrest, and would rather continue to Occupy elsewhere.

-- Tennessee lawmakers are pushing a bill through, and it could imprison Occupiers for up to a year if passed. The bill is a ban on unauthorized camping on public grounds. Lawmakers have expressed concern about some of the lewd or criminal behavior displayed at the camp. Attorneys for Occupy Nashville have previously asked police to arrest those who break the law, instead finding that authorities have been ignoring their requests and diminishing law enforcement presence.

-- Occupy Jacksonville is dealing with an angry councilman again. Don Redman is the same city council member who has, on numerous occasions, attempted to get the Occupiers evicted or arrested. Now he is showing up at their encampment. Redman put out a table and listened to Rush Limbaugh, saying he was "meeting constituents." He handed protesters religious pamphlets and papaers on services for the homeless, stating that he believes the group needs them. He argued with protesters a few times before heading home. Redman says this is not the only time protesters will be seeing him around.

-- CPAC, aka the Conservative Political Action Conference, is set to begin on Thursday in DC, and Occupiers are not about to let it go without a hitch. Occupy DC plans to protest the "imperialistic ideologies" of the right-wing party, with a "racist, sexist, patriarchal, and exploitative" agenda, according to the Occupy movement's website. Several unions will be joining the Occupiers in protests, which have been declared non-violent, but several right-wing websites have claimed to discover violent plans from Occupiers.

-- A new report has been released, showing the police departments just might be inflating their Occupy costs a little. An attorney for Occupy Phoenix took the time to break down all the costs the Phoenix PD said are associated with the movement, and found roughly $160,000 unaccounted for. You can read more about the report here:


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