Monday, February 6, 2012

Updates 2/6/12

Hello everyone.

The news is fairly quiet today again.

-- Occupy Eugene has set up a tent again, this time offering free medical care every Sunday to those who need it. The tent is staffed by volunteer doctors and medical assistants, who say they realized during the Occupation how many people weren't getting proper health care. They offer treatments and preventative medicine.

-- Occupy Oakland is holding a "Day of Action" today, demonstrating against police and filing into courtrooms to watch the hearings in which their lawyers will be offering evidence of unlawful arrests. Every news channel is abuzz about Oakland's recent flag-burning, which is the second in two weeks.

-- Tents and belongings are being packed up in Pittsburgh, as Occupiers prepare for their eviction deadline today. The protesters say there will likely be a large crowd of people come noon, the eviction time, but that all will be non-violent to maintain a peaceful presence.

-- Roosevelt University in Chicago is now offering a course on the Occupy movement, a political science class titled "Occupy Everywhere." The course includes lectures from those involved in the movement, as well as requirements to read the Occupy newspapers and attend General Assemblies held at the movement's meeting place.

-- The second Occupy DC encampment at Freedom Plaza was invaded by police yesterday afternoon. Maintenance workers removed tents they believed did not meet the ban's requirements, packing up belongings in bags while police waited just outside the park. The number arrested on Saturday has jumped from 7 to 11, but protesters remained peaceful Sunday, and no arrests were recorded.

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