Monday, February 20, 2012

Updates 2/20/12

Hello everyone.

It's Monday... Which means there isn't much for news. I've got a few stories and a few interesting articles for you.

Here you go:

-- Occupy Maine may not have an encampment anymore, but that doesn't mean they've gone underground. Occupiers have been hard at work producing a television show at a community access television studio. You can watch the show at their website,

-- Occupy New Haven has been asked to leave the green, their place of Occupation since mid-October. Two city meetings have recently been held to discuss the group's presence, and how it may be blocking others from using the park. Protesters have said they are more than willing to work with the city around the events planned, but that they will not be leaving until major social and political change is brought about.

-- Occupy Raleigh is looking for a new home, and quickly. The landlord of the space they are in will be evicting protesters by Feb. 29 because of liability issues. His insurance company will not cover the protesters with liability insurance, and will not cover him if they do not buy renter's insurance. Occupiers say they understand the frustration. They are currently paying $400 a month in rent, and are having difficulty coming up with the money.

-- Occupy Chicago protested the closing of the Jane Addams Hull House yesterday, a move which left roughly 300 people unemployed and hundreds of families without support. The Occupiers held a march and a vigil, demonstrating their mourning for the loss of such an important support system.

Via La Pergola has been evicted, only two days after Occupy Pisa set up again. You can read what's happened, past and present, here:

The Center for Research on Globalization has released the last of a four part series explaining Occupy. This one concerns why everyone should Occupy the Corporate Media. The other parts include discussions of U.S. War Crimes, Economics, and "Why Occupy?". You can read all these here:

Alternet has released an interesting article, titled "4 Signs the American Spring May Be Coming to Chicago." Read it here:


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