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Updates 2/25/12

Hello everyone.

I greatly appreciate your patience with me this past week. I'm still sick, but a visit to the doctor helped me out a bunch. It turns out I have a vicious cold that settled in my sinuses, upping my temperature to over 102 degrees at one point. It's amazing to me that I can feel "healthy as a horse" when I have walking pneumonia, but give me a cold and I feel like I'm dying. Funny how things work like that sometimes.

The Corporate Media seems to be making an attempt to ignore the Occupy Movement. It's getting more and more difficult to find information on what's going on out there. I'm not going to give up, of course, but it bothers me a bit that cover-ups are so blatantly obvious. It gets frustrating.

On to the news.

-- Officer Pike, the now infamous police officer who sprayed UC Davis students with military grade pepper spray, is going on trial along with several school officials. The ACLU is representing the students who were sprayed, saying that the officers were obviously improperly trained and unsupervised. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday.

-- February 29th will be a big day in Pittsburgh, as Occupiers team up with Pittsburghers for Public Transport, along with other demonstrators. They are holding a rally to call attention to the Port Authority's 35% service reduction in public transportation, a move that would not only eliminate 600 transit jobs, but also strand nearly 45,000 riders. Protesters say that if the Governor would fix tax loopholes and lift caps on franchise taxes, transit spending could be increased enough to fix the problem. The rally starts at noon on the 29th, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

-- Occupy Bernal, in the Bay Area, is taking their protest to the top, so to speak. Occupiers plan to set up camp outside the home of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf today. They say they will hand deliver an eviction notice to his home, and hold a mock foreclosure auction of the property. They are demanding that Stumpf meet with foreclosure victims and place an immediate moratorium on foreclosure proceedings. Occupiers say that over 80 homeowners in the area are facing foreclosure from Wells Fargo.

-- Occupy London is awaiting eviction, which they believe may happen sometime this weekend. More than 100 tents still remain at St. Paul's Cathedral, minus the kitchen, library, and information tent. Those were removed to prevent their destruction. Even after eviction, Occupiers say they will return each Saturday to hold their General Assembly.

-- Occupy Charlotte has asked a judge to remove a city ordinance preventing camping on city grounds, saying that tents are an expressive and symbolic form of free speech, showing the disparity and inequality of those in the 99%. The City Attorney, fighting against the Occupiers, cited cases across the country in which tents were not declared to be free speech, and says the ordinance is not just against Occupy, but anyone who attempts to camp there. The judge is expected to review the statements over the weekend.

-- In Chicago, workers are celebrating along with Occupiers as the energy company set to immediately close had a change of heart. Occupiers and workers alike remained in the building in a massive sit-in for 11 hours before the company postponed the closure 90 days. They are now working on alternatives to closure.

-- Occupy Boise has to wait to get the final decision from the judge in charge of the eviction law case. The judge told attorneys for both sides that he will rule on the case on Monday. The law signed by the Governor makes it illegal to camp on state-managed land, but it could also allow the seizure of Occupier's private property without a court hearing. Though the bill was signed last week, most of the Occupiers remain.

-- An attempt to mic check at an Israel Alliance meeting at the University of New Mexico campus turned violent on Thursday when those in attendance attacked the people interrupting. The group of people who mic checked (unknown if they are Occupiers) were there to question the speaker's "fear-mongering and her unqualified support for Israel." Audience members attacked a woman, pulling her hair, and shoved another protester across three rows of seats. Not much more is known about this incident at this time.

Links! Interesting ones! Yay!

Occupy Rochester sent out a letter to Amtrak and the Mayor, concerning the possible eviction of the "railroad encampment." Read the letter here:

Part 1 of a two part article on the infiltration of Occupy movements by outsiders in an attempt to destroy the movement, and what can be done about it.


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