Thursday, February 16, 2012

Updates 2/16/12

Hello everyone.

You ever just look at news headlines and find yourself shaking your head in disbelief. I spotted two stories today that particularly made me sigh. One is the new bill quickly passing in Oklahoma, which declares embryos to be "persons" and grants them all rights and privileges of being so. Not only could this possibly endanger the life of a woman who finds herself with a life-threatening pregnancy, but it could easily make certain forms of contraception illegal. People need to think about these things before they consider passing them. The second one that irritated me was the story of a white man walking with his black granddaughter home from the skating rink. Someone had apparently called in about a white man kidnapping a black girl, and he was roughly shoved around and arrested while the girl screamed "That's my grandpa!" He was eventually released when they called the phone numbers he gave them during the arrest, but this really gets me. Not because he is white, but because it means that we, as a society, are STILL not accepting of the fact that interracial couples exist. The same thing would have happened to a black man with his white granddaughter, and I believe it actually has.

Our society is pretty fucked up.

On to the news:

-- Former President Jimmy Carter declared his support for the Occupy movement, saying it has been "relatively successful" in opening national discussion. The former President was at a Duke University event when he gave the remarks, highlighting the success of the movement despite a lack of leadership or list of specific issues. (The media is in awe of this. Haha...) He says that Congress had been increasingly ignoring the issue of wealth disparity until the Occupiers came along.

-- Many of the Occupiers previously arrested in Chicago were in court on Wednesday, with attorneys claiming the arrests were simply a "practice run" for how things will be handled at the G8 and NATO summits in May. The judge in charge of proceedings was especially confused as to why protesters were held for hours by police in October before given bonds and released, something that usually only happens for criminal cases. When prosecutors couldn't answer his questions about the bonds, the judge told them to figure it out and come back Thursday with the answers.

-- Occupy LA morphed into Occupy 90210 for the night, to protest a $38,500 a plate dinner held by President Obama in the Beverly Hills area. The President is raising funds for his campaign, and had yet to stop in the Hollywood area for fundraising from rich celebrities. Occupiers protested in a nearby park, while also raising money for a foodstamp program that allows people to double their money at farmer's markets.

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