Thursday, February 2, 2012

Updates 2/2/12

Hello everyone.

Some Corporate Media outlets are in an uproar because of something that allegedly happened last week. Fox News originally reported that a bunch of Occupiers threw condoms on a bunch of Catholic schoolgirls at a pro-life rally. Now other media outlets are picking it up. Since it was Fox News that first reported it, I find myself simply shaking my head and sighing. Besides, if it even happened, they were wrapped, unopened condoms, not something disgusting or sinister. I just cannot personally see myself freaking out because someone threw something like that at me. "Oh, gross, a sterile, unopened, medical grade piece of latex! Ewww!" Anyway...

On to the news:

-- Occupy Oakland is back in the news again, this time with an accurate count of those arrested sitting at 409. Since police have finally released surveillance video of the protesters breaking into City Hall, they are asking people to call in if they know any of the people involved. (In an act of what I call pure hilarity, only 12 of the people arrested have been charged with anything. TWELVE. But we Occupiers are the ones wasting the city's resources. HA!)

-- Around 2 this morning, police moved in on Occupy Buffalo. The eviction of the camp came after the city and the Occupiers could not reach an agreement on the length of time Occupiers would stay. The city had proposed March 8, but Occupiers wanted the end of the month. Several people were arrested in the raid, but official numbers are not yet available.

-- Occupy Honolulu was served with an eviction notice yesterday morning, giving them 24 hours to clear out their belongings. Protesters are still welcome to remain and hold signs, but a new law makes it illegal for personal property to be on public land. This law affects not only Occupiers, but also the homeless. Any unattended property will be confiscated by police.

-- Sydney police are at it again, arresting seven protesters yesterday for occupying overnight. Two of those arrested were 15 and 17 year old girls, which the police refused to comment on. They also refused to comment on the possibility that several of those arrested were homeless.

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