Friday, February 3, 2012

Updates 2/3/12

Hello everyone.

At some point in the past week, my blog surpassed 10,000 unique pageviews! :) You guys are fantastic!

I need to address a few email issues I've been having before we can move on to the news.

First, if you email me, please, please, PLEASE write something about Occupy in the subject line. I get hundreds of spam emails a day, and sometimes your letters end up in with them. I have to sort through to find you. If you put "Occupy" in the subject line, I'll be able to pull your email out quickly, rather than hunting through one by one.

Second, please don't send me something like this: "Hey kitty I read your blog have you seen this yet *random link*." I am not going to click on that random link. I don't know who you are. I don't know which blog of mine you are reading (I have 3). I don't know what that link is, and I'm certainly not getting my computer infected by clicking on some random crap. I want to see any links you send me, so please take a few seconds to give me a little detail. If that email had read: "Hey Kitty, I read your Occupy blog. You should see what's happening in my town over in KY. The link will take you to our local news station's coverage of the event. *random link*." I am much more likely to click on that!

Third, write me! :)

On to the news:

-- Occupy Pittsburgh had been given an eviction notice, stating that they have to vacate the park by Monday. Occupy's lawyers say they are appealing the decision, in which a judge ruled that protesters have no right to take over BNY Mellon's private property.

-- Occupy Portland (Maine) has also received an eviction notice, also for Monday. Several of the protesters say they are not leaving, and lawyers are trying to gain more time before the eviction, citing concerns with the number of homeless in the group.

-- Three members of Occupy DC are on a sleep strike. They are protesting the recent enforcement of a sleeping ban at the park, and know what they are doing can be dangerously unhealthy. The three men have been awake since Monday, and say they won't be giving in anytime soon.

-- Occupy Honolulu was dismantled yesterday by city workers, with tents and belongings being tagged and loaded into storage bins. One man was arrested after he dove into a tent, cut a hole in the bottom, and ran away with it before settling down in front of a backhoe. Police moved in to remove him and allow the backhoe to return to work.

That's all I have time for today, everyone.


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