Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates 2/24/12

Hello everyone.

My fever spiked to 102.5 yesterday, and has settled back down to around 100 this morning. Also fun: My cats apparently decided they wanted to sleep with us, so they tore a hole in the bottom of our box-spring and climbed up inside it to sleep.

On to the news:

-- My good friends over at Occupy Tacoma were given eviction notices yesterday, telling them they have to be out by Sunday. The notices cite 2nd degree criminal trespassing and littering. While Occupiers are clearing out many of the items present, many of them say they are staying to defend the park and their Constitutional rights.

-- The Nashville Senate has voted 20-10 to remove Occupiers from the plaza. Senators say that some sort of warning must be in place before an eviction, such as a week or ten days. The bill's supporters argued that the plaza is public land, and must be open for public use. Opponents of the bill argued that it is too broad, and could be used against duck blinds or camp stoves at state parks.

Ok, I just made a doctor's appt. for less than an hour from now, so I have to be quick. Sorry.

-- Occupiers in Chicago worked in solidarity with the United Electrical Worker's Union yesterday, occupying a Chicago window factory set to close. The factory closure would result in the loss of about 50 jobs.

-- CabinCr3w, an offshoot of Anonymous, has gone after Los Angeles law enforcement again. This time they not only posted personal information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, but also nude photos one one officer that they claimed to have found in her inbox. They also claim to have found images of pedophilia in one officer's emails.

-- Some members of Congress and the Corporate Media recently received suspicious letters, in which an unknown powder was found, along with threats of biological attacks. The FBI is looking into the letters, as they seem to have included some of the main demands of OWS, saying that they demanded "an end to corporate money and lobbying in U.S. politics, an end to corporate personhood." You can read a short article about this here. It's actually a pretty interesting read.


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