Thursday, July 5, 2012

Updates 7/5/12

Hello everyone.

There's some interesting stuff going on. 

-- Last night during an "Occupy-style" protest, a police car and city building were vandalized. Police say the protest march began around 8:15 p.m., and that the tagging occurred after the march began. They took a suspect into custody, but have not yet released any details. 

-- Albany police were on track to purchase an armored vehicle with a federal grant, similar to the ones used against Occupiers in Oakland, when they pulled out of the agreement, says a City Council member. The agreement was with the Berkeley PD and UCPD, but the Albany PD decided that the vehicle was "inappropriate for the uses of their police department in a civilian setting."

-- Occupy Seattle and #MicCheckWallSt joined up to throw $5,000 off a rooftop in Seattle, marking the money with the words "Money as speech silences us all." This isn't the first time the groups have done this, and they refused to tell the media how they pulled it off. The money will be put into circulation by those who caught it, spreading the message for many more to see.

-- Several Occupy groups affiliated with OccupySF took to the Canadian Consulate to protest in solidarity with students in Quebec. IndyBay has audio of the protest, where students tell their stories and offer their demands.

-- Here's an intriguing article for you all. This author asks, "What happens to activism when you block social media?" They cite studies and provide visual aids (charts, etc.) to help you see how censorship can actually cause more problems.

-- Three Occupiers protesting the arrests of the NATO5 were arrested themselves yesterday, as they protested at the State Attorney's Office. Police arrived at the sit-in almost immediately, arresting the three as they refused to leave. To find out what's going on in the case of the NATO5, and more about what happened here, follow the link.


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