Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Updates 7/31/12

Hello everyone.

Ugh. It's early. I mentioned earlier that I didn't know if I would be posting today or not. Well, here I am, bright (kinda) and early. I don't really sleep well before a dentist's appointment, so I figured I may as well get up and do the news. :)

So here we go. It's pretty early, so most of the actual news for the day is lagging, but I found some interesting opinion pieces and a pop of news here and there.

-- Billionaire Jeff Greene is unhappy with his fellow billionaires about their lack of concern over Occupy. He fears that if something isn't done about the situation, violent class rifts may form. He told New York magazine "Right now, for some bizarre reason, a lot of these people are supporting Republicans who want to cut taxes on the wealthy..." He then goes on to talk about poor people taking over the country. Read more at the link.

-- In 1981, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department came up with a bunch of strange codes for protesting and leaflet distribution for city parks. You can protest in one side only of some parks, around the outside perimeter of others, and in one, you can't be near the (now nonexistent) fountain. Now, Supervisor Scott Wiener is trying to dump some of those codes. They have made it difficult to police the areas, with things like "free speech zones" due to the strange blockade.

-- Can the Oakland Police really follow through on reforms? Their monitor, Robert Warshaw, does not believe it will be easy, according to his latest quarterly report. Citing multiple issues, such as recent police-involved shootings, the handling of Occupy, and even the "insulting" and "racist" defacement of two images (a federal judge and an elected official) on the police bulletin boards, Warshaw said that "even greater concerns" were raised about the department's ability to change.

-- We've been talking about Anaheim for a little while now. In this piece, OCWeekly asks the question: Were Anaheim protesters targeted by paramilitary police? It includes video of arrests, as well as a list of those detained and why.

-- This opinion piece from the Guardian UK is a MUST-READ. It's not long, but it's absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. The author, Todd Gitlin, writes "What harsh police are crushing when they crush Occupy." It's a great read, but be forewarned--some of the comments show exactly where some of the problem lies.


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