Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Updates 7/10/12

Hello everyone.

What a crazy month this is turning out to be. I don't know if I'll be posting on Friday or Saturday yet. Friday I have to judge research at a symposium all day, and Saturday I have a large wedding to go to. Next week I'm heading to my mother's house to help her out with my brother, as she has a major dentist's appointment that may leave her having difficulties for a few days. Keeping up is hard to do sometimes, and I'm not even back in school yet!!

On to the news. 

Thanks so much to Kate for this first one. I greatly appreciate her help!

-- Occupy Detroit and the Detroit Eviction Defense Coalition are hard at work saving homes from Fannie Mae's shady foreclosure practices. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were among the institutions bailed out by the federal government, and Occupiers say that a taxpayer-backed institution should not be throwing people out of their homes. They believe that more regulations need to be in place to prevent these issues. 

-- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is unhappy with Occupiers for posting a photo of two allegedly undercover officers who entrapped Occupiers during the anti-NATO gathering. While the police department won't confirm or deny that the two are officers, the police Supt. did say that the picture's release is unethical and "personally disgusting." (I think that reveals the truth right there.)

-- The Governor of South Carolina is working on eliminating funding for the arts, and people are up in arms about it. Even the legislative groups plan to override her veto. A new group has sprung up in defense of funding, called Occupy the Arts, and plans on holding a protest at the Statehouse next week. Governor Haley also cut many other programs by removing their funding, such as the Sea Grant Consortium, which allows universities to pursue federal funding for research concerning the state's coastline. In an interview with Businessweek, Gov. Haley said, "Offshore drilling is where we need to be."

-- Occupy Boise is teaming up with the ACLU to sue the state of Idaho over new protest laws. Some of the new regulations include giving the state at least a five day notice before a rally is to occur. The lawsuit claims that these regulations interfere with the First Amendment's rights to freedom of speech and assembly.

-- UC Berkeley officials held a meeting last night about the rezoning of the university-owned land at Marin and San Pablo Avenues. The officials want to develop the land into a Whole Foods market and senior housing project, while Occupy the Farm was there to say no. The community seems to be in disagreement about the land plot, with many wanting the development, but just as many wanting the land left alone. See both arguments at the link.

-- The Iranian President has come out against the US government and its treatment of protesters and its people, saying that Zionist Capitalists are running the show while others suffer. He questioned America's freedom, and talked about the suppression of the American people. Read more at the link.


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