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Updates 7/21/12

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Yesterday I had no computer access, hence the lack of posting. Hopefully today makes up for that.

Occupy has had some serious accusations flying their way in the past few weeks. If something majorly bad happens, Occupy is immediately linked to it. This is a disturbing trend, and in all the cases so far, has been disproved soon after. First we had the OWS DNA link to a murder from (I believe) 2004. That went wild, with speculation taking hold and people condemning Occupy. It was then found that the link was actually a technician (who apparently wasn't trained not to touch evidence). 

Next, I reported on Thursday that a man was shot and killed while allegedly in handcuffs, and that some media was saying he was an Occupier. Check out this story, where they talk about how the man was not actually related to Occupy in any way, but the news (and the cops) want you to believe it. They also include several other bits from the Corporate Media in which the same tactic is deployed: 

Someone does something heinous, and therefore newsworthy; Occupy is tenuously linked to the story; Occupy is pretty much blamed for the event; Occupy protests the accusations; CM says "oh, well, it's an interesting story."

It doesn't end there. My heart goes out to the people in Colorado, who are enduring hardships brought on by a man who had apparently lost all sense of touch with reality. I don't know what he was thinking. No one does. What a terrible event. 

Now a private investigator says he found something about the shooter (James Holmes), so he has posted it on his blog. Go have a look.

That's right. And the media is running with it. Earlier, ABC News found a man called James Holmes on a Tea Party website, and speculated that it may be the shooter. Conservatives are calling for his head (Oops, I mean his job) for "showing media bias" in the speculation. But no one seems to have a problem with the shooter being linked to Occupy. 

To put things simply, Occupy is the media bad guy, and they want everyone to know it. Timothy McVeigh took a Catholic Sacrament before his execution, but no one blames Catholicism for what he did (unless they're off in the head.) Ted Bundy traveled on official business for the Republican Party when he was younger, but no one blames Republicans for the atrocities he committed. 

What's going on here? I think it's obvious.

Other news:

-- Michelle Bachmann is not done with her anti-Muslim witch hunt. After accusing Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's top aid, Huma Abedin, of being part of the Muslim Brotherhood, she has moved on to accusing the first-elected Muslim Congressperson of the same thing. (Can someone please throw this crazy person out of office already? Enough of the insanity, okay?)

-- Twitter is fighting back against the ruling stating that they must release the tweets of an Occupier. THey are appealing the ruling, saying that it "doesn't strike the right balance between the rights of users and the interests of law enforcement."


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