Thursday, July 19, 2012

Updates 7/19/12

Hello everyone.

I need to make this quick. We need to hit the road to my mother's house very soon.

We have some big news hitting today. 

-- A man who allegedly stabbed a coworker at a Chocolatier in San Francisco was shot and killed by police. An eyewitness to the event has come forward saying that the man was already in handcuffs when a San Fran police officer shot him twice in the back. Reports are mixed on whether the man was an Occupier or not. The reports vary on what actually happened beforehand, but so far all witnesses agree that the man was shot while detained in handcuffs. 

-- A hacker has claimed to have breached the website and exposed data from around 50,000 job applicants. Around a dozen of these have been leaked online so far. The hacker has suggested that the attack is meant to show support for OWS. 

-- The Chicago Tribune has lost their name battle with Occupiers. The World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva has denied the newspaper's complaints, stating that Occupy is well-known enough not to be confused with the Tribune. To read the Occupied Chicago Tribune's response, follow the link.


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