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Updates 7/26/12

Hello everyone. 

There is still much speculation on the shooting in Colorado, and of course the media is all over it. Pictures have begun to arise on social media sites asking if the original photo is of the same man that they arrested, and you can see some differences in the photos. I honestly don't know. The bone structure looks fairly similar to me, but I'm not a forensic anthropologist. I've got only a small background in forensics. Enough to know when someone is lying about something in the field, enough to be able to tell bones and damage apart. But I'm not that good. (yet.) 

But I have noticed some people talking more about gun control now. I have to tell you the truth. I'm torn on gun control. I know that having NO gun control is not a good thing. But I also know that having TOO MUCH gun control is just as bad. People try to say that stricter gun regulations would prevent shootings like this... but when is that last time you heard of a criminal stopping because something was illegal? That's right, they don't. It's pretty obvious that the more illegal something is, the more it becomes available on the unregulated black market. So guns would still be readily available to criminals who plan to use them.

Now, I can't have a weapon, because I've been diagnosed with a certain type of mental illness. And I'm okay with that. I'm better with a bow anyway, plus I can make my own ammunition if I would ever need to do so. I've always been a strong believer in the idea that guns don't really kill people. Poor training, bad mental health care, lack of assistance, lapse of judgment, or even bad parenting or accidents kill people. If you get hit by a car, you don't try to ban cars. 

But I digress. Gun control is a touchy topic, and there are logical arguments on both sides. (For example, while I believe that guns should be allowed to protect yourselves or hunting, I do not believe you need an assault rifle with armor piercing bullets for any of that. I mean, what deer are you after that wears armor? Yeah, no. Assault rifles, unnecessary. Armor piercing rounds, unnecessary.)

If you have a fierce opinion on this stuff, let me know. I'm always willing to hear arguments from either side.

We're moving on to a link day. Hope that's okay with you. 

-- Is the US military teaming up with local police to crack down on Occupiers and protests? It doesn't seem too far off. The IntelHub site has this article for you, with accounts of military and TSA personnel already joining in. (Thanks, Joe.) 

-- Truthout asks a very important question about the events in LA... Did the San Francisco Police Department get away with murder? Their opinion is compelling.

-- Homes are being raided in Seattle, Portland, and Olympia on Grand Jury Subpoenas. What's going on here? Protesters are having their belongings confiscated with no explanation. IndyBay takes a closer look.

-- One of the accused bridge bomb plot suspects has pleaded guilty on a plea deal, and will testify against his co-defendants. 

--Things in Anaheim are getting to a boiling point. First up, we have the Laredo Sun, providing a description of the recent protests, which resulted in in two dozen arrests.

-- Next up, we have accounts from the journalists who were present on the scene-- Amber Lyon, Steven Gregory, and the well-known citizen journalist Tim Pool-- as they documented the protests in Anaheim and were all shot at by police.

-- Lastly, the events in Anaheim may not be attracting Corporate media attention, but they certainly are attracting attention from other sources. Occupiers and Anonymous alike have joined up in the fight against police brutality. Anonymous is calling their move "Operation:Anaheim" and is encouraging others to join in. Their video is available in the article.


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